This Declaration of Conditions, Covenants, and Restrictions (CC&Rs) is affirmed by the Hollister Ranch Owners’ Association and individual owners and was originally made on the 13thday of September, 1971, by MGIC Equities Corporation, a Delaware corporation, as the developer of the unique California coastal ranch known as the Hollister Ranch.  Since the date of the original Spanish land concession in 1791, the Ranch has been beautifully preserved in its natural and unspoiled state.  The purpose of these CC&Rs is to perpetuate the rich variety of this rugged coastal and pastoral environment for the benefit of all who acquire property therein and the flora and fauna that live on the Ranch.


The Hollister Ranch Owners’ Association seeks to develop and maintain Hollister Ranch in a manner that ensures the full enjoyment of the historical traditions and natural advantages of the area for all who acquire property therein and yet encourages diverse individual expression within the environment.  The Hollister Ranch Owners’ Association believes that this fundamental concept can serve the interests of those who become such owners by fostering a beneficial land use that retains the unique beauty of the land and creates an atmosphere enriching the spirit of its participants.


It must be assumed that all who become owners of property subject to these CC&Rs are motivated by the character of the natural environment in which it is located, and accept, for and among themselves, the principle that the development and use of the property must preserve that character for the present and future enjoyment of all owners.  It is also assumed that those who are entrusted with the administration of Hollister Ranch will discharge their trust in full recognition of that principle and, to the extent consistent therewith, will foster maximum flexibility and freedom of individual expression.


It is to promote the foregoing that these CC&Rs have been adopted and it is the intention of the Hollister Ranch Owners’ Association and the individual owners that these CC&Rs, and all other subsequent changes and additions, will be understood and construed in recognition of the foregoing.  (Preamble amended by the 27th Amendment, 12/2/06 and the 29th Amendment 12/6/08)