Hollister Ranch Conservancy™

The primary inspiration for this record of guardianship has been the Hollister Ranch Conservancy. The fundamental purpose of the Hollister Ranch Conservancy is to preserve this environment for the benefit of future generations. The Conservancy helps protect these natural habitats....at no cost to the public....by limiting public traffic through this private property. The result strikes a unique and meaningful balance between two separate principles-- environmental protection and public access.

Established in 1989, the Hollister Ranch Conservancy consists of Ranch owners who serve voluntarily. They accomplish their objectives by focusing on two basic functions:

1. Establishing and maintaining the most appropriate conservation practices.

2. Managing a public access program which involves scientific research studies and
educational opportunities, including biological, historical and cultural resources.

The Hollister Ranch Conservancy Committee is one of the most active Committees of the Hollister Ranch Committee System. The Committee is concerned primarily with the preservation and education of the natural areas and wildlife of the Hollister Ranch. In addition, the Committee is responsible for documenting and cataloging all information regarding the ecological uniqueness of the Hollister Ranch. The Conservancy Committee encourages owners and outside agencies to participate in this documentation in order to better the knowledge of the unique area of which we are stewards.

The Conservancy Committee is an advisory committee to the HROA Board in regard to preservation of the Ranch environment and administration of the program of access for educational and scientific purposes. It also monitors the condition of the HR natural resources and maintains a long term data base.

Because of the restrictions on use of the area imposed on owners and their guests, the tide pools at the Ranch are in the most undisturbed condition of any tide pools remaining in the southern California coastline.

The Hollister Ranch Shoreline Preserve is a 2.2 mile stretch of pristine shoreline that has been named a preserve by the Hollister Ranch Owners' Association, and designated for management by the Hollister Ranch Conservancy in order to protect it for future generations. This site was selected because of its expansive rocky intertidal, unusual geology, cliff-side native vegetation and wetland habitat. Responsible access by visitors is encouraged and includes demonstrations and tours sponsored by the Conservancy Committee. These educational tours are often lead by qualified biologists with the emphasis to be that of "ENJOY BUT DON'T DESTROY."